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YouTube Vanced is an exclusive alternative to the official YouTube app, offering advanced and free features. YouTube Vanced provides various functionalities, including an ad blocker, SponsorBlock, background play, AMOLED mode, and many other features for free. These days, using YouTube can be quite tedious, mainly due to the various ads you encounter. However, when you use YouTube Vanced, you can have a more personalized experience. YouTube Vanced comes with ReVanced Patches. By enabling ReVanced, you’ll gain access to an entirely new set of features.
Last Update: 18/12/2023 (Source: GitHub)
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About YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the original YouTube app that offers several impressive features beloved by millions of users. YouTube Vanced offers ad-free, sponsor-free video content without YouTube Premium fees. Developed by Team Vanced and senior XDA member Rafalete, this app is available for free download and usage. It offers features such as Sponsor Block, Return YouTube Dislike, and exceptional customization options. Commonly referred to as YT Vanced Mod APK, this application enables ad-free streaming at no cost.
If you’re interested in downloading YouTube Vanced, you can find the app on various internet platforms. It’s available on official app stores like Uptodown, APKPure, APKMirror, and more, all for free. You can also get the latest YouTube Vanced Manager APK from a trusted source. For more details about the app and how to use it, please keep reading below.

How it works

You will love the functionality

For those unfamiliar with how the YouTube Vanced APK functions, it is actually quite simple. In terms of user experience, there is no discernible difference between YouTube and Vanced. The application operates in a similar manner to YouTube, requiring users to install it and sign in to their accounts to access their preferred content. However, the key distinction lies in the fact that YouTube Vanced provides all features free of charge. On the other hand, the official YouTube platform offers premium features that come at a cost. In summary, opting for YouTube Vanced APK is always advantageous for YouTube users who wish to access premium features without paying for them.

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App NameYouTube Vanced
DeveloperVanced Team
Size126 MB
Last updatedJuly 16, 2023

All Features of YouTubeVanced

YouTube Vanced has gained popularity for offering numerous useful features at no cost. One of the main reasons why this application is beloved by many is because all the functions it provides are entirely free. Unlike the official YouTube, where advertisements interrupt videos, Vanced YouTube eliminates ads entirely. This absence of ads is a remarkable feature that sets YouTube Vanced apart, making it the preferred choice for millions of users when compared to the official YouTube platform.

Return Dislike Button: It is widely known that in a recent update, YouTube has hidden the dislike button on its platform. Consequently, the dislike count is no longer visible for any video. However, by utilizing the YouTube Vanced APK, users can regain access to the dislike button on every video. This allows for a convenient way to view the exact number of dislikes for each video.

Swipe Control: The YouTube Vanced application offers a convenient feature that allows users to control display brightness and sound by simply swiping on the screen. This functionality is similar to other video platforms like MX Player. Instead of relying on the device’s notification panel, users can easily adjust the brightness and sound levels by swiping directly on the YouTube Vanced interface. This eliminates the need to navigate to the device settings or notification panel for these controls.

Picture in Picture: Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode is a feature available in YouTube Vanced that allows users to multitask by using other applications while simultaneously watching videos. In PIP mode, YouTube Vanced provides a separate display for the video, allowing users to continue watching while navigating through other apps. This unique functionality is exclusive to YouTube Vanced, making it necessary to download the application in order to enjoy the benefits of PIP mode.

Auto-Repeat: The official YouTube app does not offer an auto-repeat button, requiring users to manually start the same video again if they wish to replay it. However, YouTube Vanced APK addresses this issue by introducing an auto-repeat button. This feature allows users to easily set a video to automatically repeat, eliminating the need to manually restart the video each time. With YouTube Vanced, the problem of replaying videos has been resolved thanks to the inclusion of the auto-repeat button.

Theme: The official YouTube app offers a limited range of themes, primarily consisting of white and dark themes. However, using the YouTube Vanced application allows users to enhance their visual experience with additional theme options such as dark, black, and white. Not only do these themes provide a fresh look, but the dark and black themes also have the added benefit of potentially saving mobile battery life by more than 20%.

Amazing Feature of Youtube vanced

YouTube Vanced APK is widely known for providing a plethora of useful and intriguing functionalities. One can enjoy features such as PIP mode, swipe controls, brightness adjustment, and many more. However, the key features that make YouTube Vanced stand out are Sponsor Block, Ads-Free viewing experience, and Background Playback. These three functions have become essential for YouTube users today. To delve deeper into these features, please refer to the explanations provided below.

Sponsor Block

Return YouTube Dislike

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Nice and simple

The interface of YouTube Vanced APK is designed to be user-friendly and familiar to regular YouTube users. It closely resembles the interface of YouTube, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize. The significant distinction between YouTube and YouTube Vanced lies in the fact that the latter offers numerous additional premium features completely free of charge. Unlike YouTube, which restricts access to premium features unless users pay for them, YouTube Vanced allows users to enjoy these features without any cost. In summary, using YouTube Vanced is straightforward and effortless, thanks to its user-friendly interface, enabling anyone to access and enjoy their favorite YouTubers’ content.


The YouTube Vanced APK provides Android users with an open-source platform to watch videos with all premium features available for free. It offers an ad-free experience, eliminating interruptions from advertisements and sponsors. Unfortunately, iOS users are unable to enjoy the benefits of YouTube Vanced as it is not supported on their devices. Those using iOS devices will need to stick to the official YouTube version. However, for Android users, this presents an excellent opportunity to access premium features without any cost and enjoy a seamless viewing experience for any YouTube content.

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Here is the latest version of YouTube Vanced by Official Team Vanced for Android.

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Sponsor Block

In today’s YouTube landscape, sponsored content has become prevalent in almost every video. However, most viewers do not enjoy watching these sponsored segments while engaging with their favorite YouTube content. YouTube Vanced APK offers the ideal solution to avoid these intrusive sponsorships. With its unique feature, YouTube Vanced allows users to directly skip the sponsor parts of every video. This feature ensures a seamless viewing experience by eliminating any interruptions caused by sponsors. By choosing YouTube Vanced, users can enjoy pure, uninterrupted content without any annoying sponsor segments.

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Background Playback

YouTube Vanced APK allows users to play any video in the background, enabling multitasking while enjoying YouTube content. Background playback is a feature that permits users to continue watching or listening to videos even when the YouTube app is minimized or running in the background. Unlike the official YouTube app, which stops playing videos when minimized, YouTube Vanced ensures uninterrupted playback, allowing users to perform other tasks while still accessing and enjoying YouTube content. This convenient background playback feature enhances the overall user experience and provides greater flexibility in consuming YouTube videos.


Inbuilt AdBlock

Watching content on YouTube without a premium subscription can be frustrating due to the abundance of advertisements. However, there is a solution for those who want to enjoy YouTube content without any ads – YouTube Vanced APK. This modified version of YouTube provides an ad-free experience, allowing users to watch videos from their favorite creators without any interruptions. By using YouTube Vanced, users can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience without encountering a single advertisement.

How to Install for Android

As many of you may be aware, the original developer of Vanced unexpectedly discontinued the project last year, which came as a surprise to all of us. However, a new hero emerged in the form of ReVanced, bringing with it a range of customized and personalized features. We are delighted to announce that the working version of Vanced YouTube is now available again, thanks to the ReVanced Patcher.

The great news is that installing Vanced on your Android device has become much simpler. All you need to do is download the APK file along with the microG app, and you can enjoy the latest version of YT Vanced without any errors or buffering. Below, you will find a comprehensive and user-friendly installation guide for the Vanced app.

Step 01: Numerous websites claim to offer the official Vanced app, but it is crucial to exercise caution and consider their trustworthiness. Following the discontinuation of the official Vanced project, there has been an increase in scammers attempting to obtain personal data. Therefore, it is essential to be vigilant before downloading the app and ensure that you obtain the APK file from the official source,
Step 02: To install both the YouTube and MicroG APK files on your Android device, you will need to do it manually. Open your device’s file manager and find the downloaded APK files. Tap on the files to initiate the installation process. At this point, you may be prompted to enable the “Unknown Sources” setting. Don’t worry, it is safe to do so. You can disable this setting once the APK files are successfully installed.
Step 03: Please note that the installation process may require some time. It is important to ensure that you install the MicroG app alongside YouTube Vanced. Failure to do so may result in YouTube Vanced not functioning properly and potentially forcing you back to the home screen. Once both apps are installed, please navigate to the settings of the MicroG app and enable the “Autostart” option. Afterward, you can open YouTube Vanced and enjoy uninterrupted access to all content without any errors or buffering. It is worth mentioning that signing in with your Google account will unlock additional features on YouTube.
If you wish to install this app on your Xiaomi MIUI device, there is an additional setting that needs to be disabled known as “MIUI Optimization.” This step is necessary to ensure proper installation. To learn how to turn off MIUI Optimization, please follow the instructions below.

Common Errors And Their Solutions

f the aforementioned solutions do not address your issues, we encourage you to create a new support ticket or report any problems you encounter here.
Problem: If There Were No Internet Connection Error?
Solutions: Remove your account from Vanced MicroG by following these steps: Open the Vanced MicroG app, go to account settings, and select the option to sign out. Alternatively, you can try using a VPN if you have one. Additionally, clear the data and cache of Vanced MicroG, YouTube Vanced, and YouTube Music Vanced apps. If you have a customized Android version like MIUI, OneUI, FlymeOS, HarmonyOS, etc., ensure that auto-start is enabled for Vanced MicroG. Please note that menu names and options may vary depending on your specific Android device and version.
Problem: App Not Installed?
Solutions: Uninstall the official YouTube Vanced client that you downloaded from Vanced Manager. After uninstalling, reinstall YouTube Vanced using the Universal version. Make sure you have already downloaded the Universal version of YouTube Vanced or YouTube Music Vanced.
Problem: App Crash When Opening?
Solutions: Disable battery optimization for Vanced MicroG. Allow Vanced MicroG to run in the background and enable auto-start (on heavily customized operating systems such as MIUI, OneUI, FlymeOS, HarmonyOS, etc.). Wipe the app data and cache for Vanced MicroG. Reinstall the YouTube Vanced client.
Problem: Not Responding When Watch Videos?
Solutions: If you encounter a situation where YouTube Vanced becomes unresponsive when trying to watch a video, it could be due to the integration of the returning YouTube Dislike Button (RYD). Sometimes, when attempting to retrieve dislikes from the YouTube API, RYD may face difficulties due to poor network conditions. As a result, YouTube Vanced may become unresponsive. If you frequently experience an unstable network connection, it is recommended to disable RYD in the settings to prevent this issue.
Problem: Is It Not Responding While Not Watch Any Videos?
Solutions: Please ensure that the latest official version of YouTube is functioning properly on your mobile device. It is common for older devices to experience issues with running YouTube smoothly due to outdated hardware.
Problem: There was a Problem Parsing The Package?
Solutions: First, check the version of Android installed on your device. Ensure that your current Android version meets the minimum requirements for the application. If your Android version is not compatible, you may need to update your device’s operating system or consider downloading the APK file again.


Is YouTube Vanced Still Working in 2023?

YouTube Vanced has gained significant popularity as a highly useful modded app for YouTube. It offers additional features that give users a premium-like experience. Originally developed by XDA Senior Dev Master_T, the app faced termination by Google LLC. However, the good news is that a new developer has taken over, ensuring the continued availability of YouTube Vanced. Android users can now enjoy the app with updated features and an improved experience.

Is YouTube Vanced Free?

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the original YouTube application that offers numerous impressive features, greatly appreciated by users. The best part is that this app is completely free to use and does not require any subscription fees. Rest assured, YouTube Vanced is a safe application to use and enjoy the additional functionalities it provides.

Can I use YouTube Vanced for iOS?

While YouTube Vanced has gained immense popularity, it is important to note that the application is not currently available for iOS devices. Despite the demand from iOS users, the team behind YouTube Vanced has not yet developed a version specifically for iOS. Therefore, if you are seeking to use YouTube Vanced on an iOS device, it is important to be aware that it is not currently available for that platform.

How to install for Android?

To install YouTube Vanced on an Android device, you can download the provided APK file and follow the instructions provided in the installation guide. Alternatively, you can install the Vanced Manager APK, which allows you to easily install all Vanced apps for free.

Is This YouTube Vanced Official?

YouTube Vanced APK is a highly popular modified version of the official YouTube app, widely trusted and used by millions of users. It offers a range of advanced and up-to-date features that are not available in the official version. With YouTube Vanced, users can enjoy an ad-free video-watching experience, play videos in the background, utilize picture-in-picture mode, make use of sponsor block functionality, and much more. It is important to clarify that while this app is developed based on the original app by Google LLC, it is not an official app in a strict technical sense. Additionally, it should be noted that the app is not endorsed or mandated by the official Vanced team.

Did vanced shut down 2023?

It is true that there was a period when YouTube Vanced faced discontinuation. However, the project has been taken over by other XDA developers, and they have continued its development. The latest version of YouTube Vanced is available for Android users to enjoy, ensuring a smooth experience without any errors or issues.

Best alternative for YouTube Vanced?

If you prefer not to use YouTube Vanced, an excellent alternative is NewPipe. This app offers similar features to YouTube Vanced and is also free to use on Android devices. With NewPipe, you can enjoy an ad-free experience, background playback, and other useful functionalities similar to YouTube Vanced. It serves as a great alternative for Android users seeking a feature-rich YouTube app.

It’s illegal to use YouTube Vanced APK?

As previously mentioned, YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the official YouTube app that is not available on the Google Play Store. It was developed by XDA Senior Dev Master_T. This app offers features such as background playback and an ad-free video-watching experience. If you are currently using YouTube Vanced, you can enjoy these features without any concerns.

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