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Congratulations on visiting the right page! In this blog post, we will learn all about the latest version of Vanced Manager APK for Android and its features. Let’s start by understanding what this app does. Vanced Manager is essentially an installer app that allows you to download the most up-to-date versions of YouTube Vanced and YouTube Music Vanced with an easy installation guide. With this app, you can update these versions with just one click, ensuring a seamless process without encountering any errors.

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The Vanced Manager app is an official creation of “Team Vanced,” designed to facilitate the easy download and installation of all Vanced apps with just one click. Rest assured, the provided Vanced Manager 2023 APK is guaranteed to work flawlessly on all your Android devices, as long as they are running Android 5.0 or above. Previously, this app was developed by Master_T, a respected contributor on XDA forums. However, there is unfortunate news that he has discontinued the project. Nevertheless, some other developers have taken up the mantle and now operate under the name “Team Vanced.” Therefore, you can put your worries to rest regarding any issues with the functionality of Vanced Manager APK. It’s great to know that this app is still alive and actively providing the latest versions of YouTube’s official features through Vanced. Enjoy the enhanced YouTube experience it brings!

What is Vanced Manager APK?

Vanced Manager stands out as a highly sought-after modified version of the official YouTube app, and its popularity has soared with millions of users embracing its features. Unlike the standard YouTube app, Vanced Manager boasts a plethora of advanced functionalities that enhance the overall user experience. Moreover, this app simplifies the process of downloading all the Vanced apps with just a single click, making it a beloved choice among users. With Vanced Manager, you can effortlessly install YouTube Vanced, YouTube Vanced Music, and Vanced MicroG APK in a seamless and user-friendly manner. Embrace this app and enjoy its numerous benefits, elevating your YouTube experience to a whole new level!

Additional Information

App NameVanced Manager
Size4.26 MB
RequiredAndroid 4.0+
DeveloperVanced Team
Last UpdateDecember 18, 2023

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Existing Features Of Vanced Manager

Vanced Manager, developed by Team Vanced, stands out as an incredibly useful application that simplifies the installation process. Once you have this app on your device, you can effortlessly install YouTube Vanced or YouTube Vanced Music with just a single click. It serves as a centralized platform to manage all your Vanced apps, streamlining the process and making it exceptionally convenient.

  • Primary Features: If you haven’t yet experienced YouTube Vanced, here are some key features you should know before using the app. YouTube Vanced offers a night mode (Dark Mode), picture-in-picture mode, and the ability to play videos in a loop, among other features that are not available in the official version.
  • Sponsor Block: YouTube Vanced goes the extra mile by providing an ad-free experience, including the elimination of sponsor ads within videos. This means no ads during video intros, outros, or below the video banners, ensuring a fully ad-free viewing for free.
  • Customization: With YouTube Vanced, users have the option to customize various aspects of the app, tailoring it to their preferences and enhancing their overall experience.
  • Return YouTube Dislike: This remarkable feature is powered by, a useful browser extension and API that displays dislikes on YouTube videos. By using YouTube Vanced, you can once again see the dislike button, which is a functionality that is often restricted on the platform.

Primary Features

Night Mode: YouTube Vanced offers a convenient Night Mode or Dark Mode feature that enables users to watch content for extended periods without straining their eyes. With a simple click, you can easily toggle this mode on or off, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.

Picture-in-Picture: YouTube Vanced goes beyond regular YouTube functionalities by allowing users to play videos in the background and in a picture-in-picture mode. This means you can continue watching a YouTube video while simultaneously chatting on WhatsApp or playing a game on your device.

Easy Brightness and Volume Control: YouTube Vanced also provides a user-friendly interface for controlling video brightness and volume. You can easily adjust these settings to your preference with a hassle-free experience.

Play in Loop: Similar to the official YouTube version, YouTube Vanced offers the “Play in Loop” feature. This allows you to repeat a video continuously, catering to users who prefer to watch specific content on repeat.

Sponsor Block

Annoying Sponsor Advertisements: YouTube’s new ads policy update requires free users to watch a short advertisement video clip before being allowed to skip the subsequent ads. This update has been met with disapproval from many users. If you, too, find these YouTube advertisements frustrating, you can opt for YouTube Vanced, which offers a fully ad-free video streaming experience.

Auto Skip Outros or Intros: Numerous YouTube videos include lengthy or uninteresting intro or outro clips that may not appeal to viewers. With the latest version of YouTube Vanced, you have the option to avoid these intros and outros automatically, enhancing your video-watching experience.

Automatically Skip Sponsored Content: Apart from YouTube ads, video creators often integrate sponsored content within their videos. YouTube Vanced includes an incredible feature that allows you to skip these sponsored video segments using an API feature.


Highlights Timeline: YouTube Vanced offers a fantastic feature called “Highlights Timeline” that allows you to share shorter, edited versions of live streams while they are ongoing. With this feature, you can easily highlight and share specific parts of the video that you find most important or interesting.

HDR Playback: Another remarkable capability of YouTube Vanced is the ability to watch content in High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode, providing you with enhanced video quality and a clearer visual experience. This built-in feature elevates the video quality to its maximum potential.

Screen Resolution Control: YouTube Vanced gives you full control over your video resolution, enabling you to adjust it for better quality and optimal viewing pleasure.

Change Default Playback: In addition to its many features, YouTube Vanced also allows you to change your default playback setting according to your preferences, enhancing your overall user experience.

Return YouTube Dislike

Visible Dislike Button Again: As mentioned earlier, YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the original YouTube app. Notably, YouTube officially decided to hide the dislike button for all YouTube videos, which was met with dissatisfaction from many users. This decision was particularly concerning for viewers who relied on the dislike count in review videos to make informed decisions and trust the content.

Installation Guide For Example APK

Important Message: If you are a MIUI user, you might encounter an installation error while attempting to install the Vanced Manager APK. Therefore, it is crucial to read the Vanced Manager installation guide specifically designed for MIUI users before proceeding with the installation process. This post will provide you with essential instructions and insights to ensure a smooth and successful installation on your MIUI device.

Step 01: Begin by downloading the APK file from the provided direct CDN download link. Click on the download button above, and it will redirect you to our download page, where you can also access older versions of the app if needed.

Step 02: After successfully downloading the APK file, navigate to your device’s file manager and locate the Vanced Manager APK file. Before proceeding with the installation, ensure that you have enabled the “Unknown Sources” option in your device settings. This permission is necessary to install an APK file on your Android device.

  • To enable an unknown source, go to Settings>> security>> scroll down>> enable unknown source.
Enabling unknown sources
Giving unknown source permission

Step 03: With the “Unknown Sources” permission enabled, proceed with the installation of the Vanced Manager APK. Open the APK file and start by installing the Vanced MicroG APK through the Vanced Manager app.

Once the Vanced MicroG is successfully installed, you can proceed to install either YouTube Vanced or Vanced Music, depending on your preference.

Final Thoughts

Vanced Manager is an official app developed by “Team Vanced,” offering a convenient platform to manage and install the latest versions of YouTube Vanced and YouTube Music Vanced APKs with just a simple click. While this app was previously available for free on the Google Play Store, it was removed due to Google’s policy violation.

However, the good news is that you can still download the Vanced Manager app from the official Vanced website or other reliable sources available on the internet. For a safe and up-to-date version, we highly recommend downloading the APK file from They consistently provide the latest and secure Vanced Manager APK for Android, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy experience.

Popular FAQ OF Vanced Manager

Q1: How to install Vanced Manager on MIUI device?

To successfully install YouTube Vanced Manager APK on your MIUI-based Android device, you must turn off MIUI optimizations. Failure to do so may prevent the app from installing on your device. If you are unsure about how to disable this option, please refer to the post provided for detailed instructions.

Q2: Best Alternative For YouTube Vanced For iOS?

Indeed, YouTube Vanced is exclusively designed for Android devices, and it is not available for iOS. However, if you are an iOS user and seeking similar functionalities to YouTube Vanced, you can opt for YouTube++ for the iOS version. YouTube++ offers features akin to those of YouTube Vanced, providing iOS users with an enhanced and more personalized YouTube experience.

Q3: How to Install Vanced Manager on root Android?

Download the APK file from the provided source. Open the Vanced Manager app on your device. Tap on the “Magisk” icon within the Vanced Manager app to grant root permissions. The app will now begin the installation process on your rooted Android device.

Q4: What dose Vanced Manager do?

This is a comprehensive manager app that enables you to effectively manage YouTube Vanced and YouTube Music Vanced. With this app, you have the convenience to perform various tasks such as updating, installing, or uninstalling these apps. Additionally, you can customize language settings and choose different themes according to your preference.(Note: It’s important to note that Google has transitioned to split APKs format since YouTube v14.41.52 update. The Android package installer currently does not support split APKs. Therefore, using the Vanced Manager is recommended for the installation of Vanced apps to avoid any issues.)

Q5: Return YouTube dislike not working, what to do?

As previously mentioned, the latest version of YouTube Vanced includes the visible dislike button, along with the dislike count. However, there might be instances where you do not see the dislike button, particularly if YouTube pushes a server-side update to your account. To re-enable the visibility of YouTube dislikes and see the dislike count, you can enable “Return YouTube Dislikes” (RYD) feature.

Q6: How to update Vanced Manager app?

To update the latest version of Vanced Manager APK, you can revisit this post, where we have provided the current and most up-to-date version of the Vanced Manager APK for Android. Simply check back in this post to ensure you have the latest version of the app, and you can proceed with updating it to enjoy all the new features and enhancements it offers.

Disclaimer: We would like to clarify that we are not the original developers of the app, nor are we affiliated with the original developers in any manner. If you wish to connect with the original developers, kindly visit Please note that the content on this site is solely for educational purposes and does not involve any association with the app’s original creators.
Credits for Team Vanced : @Razerman (Mods and Theming) @Zanezam (Publishing) @Lora Almeida (Theming) @KevinX8 (Magisk Module)

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